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Hello, fellow grant-seekers! Welcome to Fundmate, where we turn the daunting task of securing government grants into a seamless journey for your business. We understand that navigating the world of grants can be overwhelming, so we're here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you're looking to fuel business growth or spark innovation, Fundmate is your dedicated partner in unlocking the potential of government grants. Let's collaborate to turn your ambitious goals into funded realities.

  • Fundmate has 20 years of experience in competitive grant applications
  • Over the last two years, Fundmate has won over $8 million in new revenue for clients

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Grant and Incentives Monitoring

Grant-seeking is a time-consuming and confusing process. With Fundmate, you’ll receive curated lists of relevant government and small business grant programs.

Grant Application Assistance

Fundmate crafts compelling applications with minimal effort from you - we handle the market research and project planning and even develop additional materials like marketing plans and Gantt charts.

Project Management

Fundmate manages all your grant projects, from start to submission. We’ll let you know what needs to be included with every application and help you collect anything outstanding.

Expert Grant Advisory

Fundmate builds custom strategies to boost your funding prospects, including elevator pitches and executive summaries. We’ll even coach you on how to communicate with funders – with Fundmate you’ll always know what to say.

Tracking and Monitoring

Fundmate helps you track and monitor the grant review process. If you receive requests for supplementary information, we’ll be there to help you develop thorough responses.

Compliance and Reporting

Getting funding is half the battle – the other half is reporting. Fundmate will make sure your team knows when to file reports and what information to include. Need additional help? Fundmate can write up the reports, so you never miss a deadline.


The grant landscape changes all the time, and each funder has its eligibility criteria. Generally, Fundmate provides the most value to companies with 5 or more employees, generates over $1 million in annual recurring revenue, and has at least 3 years of operating experience. Fundmate also primarily works with B2B companies, although it can work with B2C companies in certain circumstances (no retail or construction, sorry!).

This varies widely depending on the program and province or state. Each program also has guidelines as to what costs are covered. For example, some will only fund salaries and wages, while others fund capital. Funding ranges from 15% to 75% and can be non-repayable or repayable.

First, we start with an intro call to get to know each other. If we identify opportunities that are aligned with your goals, we’ll sign an engagement letter. Once the letter is signed, we’ll have a formal kick-off meeting (usually 1 hour) to review and lay out your project. When all the required information and documents are sent, your project will officially be placed on the schedule, and the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

Government grants and small business programs are competitive. This means that there are always more applicants than there is funding available. Because of this, Fundmate will advise you whether a grant program is a good fit or if the chances of funding are minimal. We will always be upfront so you can make the best decision for your business. That said, most applications we take on (80%+) are funded.

While Fundmate strives to create the most competitive applications, decisions are entirely at the discretion of the funder/investor. No refunds are provided for applications that do not receive funding.

The goal is to create compelling applications with minimal investment from you. However, you will have to devote about 3-5 hours to furnish the required documents (financial statements, financial projects for example), meet for the kick-off, and review the application before submission.

Once you receive a notice of award, the funding agency will advise you that a formal funding agreement will be sent to you within a specific time frame. Once you receive the funding agreement, Fundmate will outline your reporting requirements so that you know the compliance requirements. If you need Fundmate to complete reporting packages and assist with compliance, these services can be provided hourly.



Melissa Manzone

Hello! Meet Melissa, your go-to at Fundmate. For almost 20 years, Melissa has been helping organizations across Canada and the U.S. (Ohio specifically) receive government funding and small business grants. With a BA in English from The Ohio State University and a passion for helping others, Melissa has assisted companies secure millions to fund innovation and business growth projects.


“I had the pleasure of working with Melissa and can confidently say that she is a smart and dependable professional. Her thorough understanding of the grant process and attention to detail made the entire experience seamless. Working with Melissa was truly a pleasure, and I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking expert guidance in the grant application process.”

Dan E.
President, D&R Custom Steel

“I work with Melissa on a grant focused around addiction and workforce development. We had no template to follow so building out processes and carrying out the project goals has been a joy for me to work very closely with someone like Melissa who provides exceptional insight, communication and organizational services. Her expertise, years of experience and ability to help carryout and project goals is unmatched. ”

Dorenda S.
Project Director, Northern Ohio Recovery Association

“Been working with Melissa for almost a decade and she is conscientious and meticulous and has won millions of grant dollars for my clients.”

Bill S.
President, Brooklin Consulting

“I highly recommend Melissa's grant writing services to anyone seeking a reliable, knowledgeable, and highly effective partner in securing grant funding. The level of professionalism and success we have experienced is exceptional.”

Victoria K.
Client Services Manager, FLOW Ventures

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